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Pardon our dust!

summitcountyscanners.net is going to be offline while some hardware is upgraded and the site re-built

  • What the heck is summitcountyscanners.net? There are a few very popular scanner apps out there, and almost all of their scanner sources come from the same couple of websites. For whatever reason, when I went through the propper channels and steps to become a provider for my location, I was stonewalled. So, instead of connecting my rig to any of the Big Scanner websites, I made this website instead. Eventually, the main things I wanted to listen to were added, but I have added a few channels here that were requested and not available anywhere else.
  • Does this website work with the scanner apps I already downloaded? I have no idea to be honest.
  • How do I listen to the streams on this site?
    • You can listen in your browser on your computer, tablet, or phone
    • You can download an app like VLC or XiiaLive that you can copy/paste a link into

summitcountyscanners.net runs on 100% free and open source software!

but hosting and hardware are not free. Consider buying a coffee for the webmaster. Consider buying a coffee for the sysadmin. Use the link below 🙂